Challenges of the surface finishing industry in Mexico for 2024


2023 is ending with surprisingly high economic figures, which throughout the year were leaving behind the estimates of financial organizations that predicted growth of less than one percent, and which were adjusted upwards as the months went by which, according to the latest estimates, will end up above 3.2 percent. Challenges surface finishing industry

The activity that it had this year left Mexico well positioned, countries like India and China experienced growth above five percent, it was above global powers such as the United States, Japan, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany, some of these countries during 2023 faced internal strategies to rehabilitate their finances, in addition to the European bloc having to maneuver the consequences in their supply chains with wars on two fronts. Challenges surface finishing industry

In recent days it was announced that the economy of the Aztec country advanced to position itself in an important global position, and different regions boast the incessant arrival of investments from all corners of the world.

The factors that have helped drive these positive indicators have already been written in previous publications, highlighting the phenomenon of nearshoring, central bank policies, an accessible US dollar compared to the rest of the economies, geopolitical rearrangements, among others, but let’s see some of the challenges that the surface finishing industry in México will have to overcome in 2024.

Limited human capital

The accelerated arrival of companies to establish themselves in Mexico has at the same time generated a shortage of human capital both operationally and at the administrative / management level. In Nuevo León and Coahuila states, Human Resources specialists report that many companies are operating with a personnel deficit of close to 20 percent.

The challenge for higher education institutions, technical training institutions and mainly for specialized industry associations is overwhelming. Future professionals in the world of surface finishes need to be formed and trained rapidly.

The growth of service markets, along with their high demand for positions, has also become a factor that competes with the industrial sector by offering the workforce options with more comfortable conditions that complicate the attraction of talent to manufacturing plants.

Transformation Technologies Industry 4.0

Much has been said in recent years about the incorporation of Technologies Industry 4.0 to coating processes, and the various publications of Grupo Editorial Inoquom have outlined achievements and challenges on this topic. However, the most important challenges identified are the adoption of these technologies for micro, small and medium-sized companies, as well as the offer of these solutions by specialists who know the finishing industry so that they are more effective for their processes.

The topic accelerates operations towards the future, but it must be kept in mind that Industry 4.0 is a tool that companies rely on to materialize their operating strategies, rather than being the solution that will bring the planned success.

Electromobility and its loose ends Challenges surface finishing industry

Although electromobility receives many spotlights from all industries, it has not completed its cycle that denotes the maturity of the topic on the part of its developers, since there are safety issues that continue to arise exponentially while being resolved geometrically.

Although it seems that we have already made great progress on this issue, there are great challenges in generating products that help prevent the spontaneous fires that have occurred in the lithium batteries of electric cars and equipment, and that have already caused and costed many human lives. The risk increases as storage systems become larger.

Fire departments around the world have stated that they require greater training on the subject, as well as new tools and extinguishing technologies to be able to eliminate the source of the fire.

In 2024 we will live immersed in the contradiction that dictates on the one hand that we must accelerate the production of electric vehicles, while in the other that we must work at the same time on solutions, training, and technology development, which help give confidence to users.

Environmental Challenge 

2023 was marked by the appearance, for the first time, of water crisis situations in different regions of Mexico. Nuevo León State, despite the efforts of the authorities of the different areas of Government, is currently suffering from outages and instability in the service. In the country’s Capital the situation is similar, CONAGUA officials warned that the supply of the Cutzamala System is only guaranteed until June 2024.

This is why environmental authorities have begun to put greater focus on the inspection of all industrial processes in which water is present.

Elections in both Mexico and the United States

Finally, it is expected that there will be turbulence, or at least a little unrest, which may not transform into instability due to the development of the presidential campaigns in Mexico and the United States; however, it is necessary not to lose sight of these events.

2023 was characterized as being an atypically good year, despite what specialists predicted, this year growth is expected to continue in 2024, although at a slower pace.

Let’s hope it’s a good year for everyone in the surface finishing industry.


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