Digilube Systems strengthens its presence in Mexico supported by MTX Servicios



Springboro, Ohio.- Digilube Systems Inc., industrial lubrication equipment and products manufacturer, announced its strengthening in the Mexican market through MTX Servicios.

Digilube Systems strengthens

Digilube Systems executives mentioned that due to the maturity of the diverse manufacturing and food sectors that use transportation systems, their sustained growth, and the potential that is glimpsed by international nearshoring operations landing, were decisive factors for focusing on Mexico.

Digilube Systems strengthens

The company located in Springboro, Ohio, highlighted the importance of leveraging on the experience, presence, and infrastructure of MTX Servicios in Mexico, who will be distributing their products and equipment in the country, as well as providing field technical assistance through support with Mexican specialists.

Digilube Systems strengthens

For its part, MTX Servicios, established in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, highlighted the potential of this strategic alliance with the leading industrial lubrication company in the United States, highlighting that the synergy arises from common objectives and values shared by MTX Servicios and Digilube Systems, such as innovation, customer service, predilection for highest quality products, and actively listening to the needs of its customers and overall industries.


In recent days, MTX Services’ specialists visited Digilube Systems’ facility in Springboro, Ohio, to receive a certification and update on the latest innovations and products the company offers.


Information from TTX.

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