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Flanked by the Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other, nestled in the exclusive peninsula located in northeastern Wisconsin, we’ll find Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, headquarters of one of the leading companies in surface finishing systems, Therma-Tron-X, also known as TTX. TTX Patented Innovation

On this occasion, we organized a visit to see first-hand the headquarters from where solutions and patents have emerged that have positioned TTX as a company that remains at the forefront of innovation, and that has made them a global benchmark in the industry.

Those in charge of receiving us, and leading the company’s presentation, were Pedro Castillo, Managing Director of TTX for Mexico and Subsidiaries, and Robert Rock, Vice President of Strategic Development and Director of TTX Environmental. We begin the tour with a presentation of the company, which remains a private holding, 3rd generation family company, proud of its history, aware of its mission in the present, and with a clear and strong vision for the future. TTX Patented Innovation

“Innovation is worth it if it is accompanied by reliability and quality, if it does not meet these two requirements it can become a nightmare. The design, manufacturing and development of an application that is developed and created is essential to allow companies to continue advancing,” commented Pedro Castillo.

It has been more than five decades since the company began operations, in a place that is famous for its exclusive residential and vacation area, its shipyards, the quality of its local cuisine and, for a few decades, for being the headquarters of a global technology, engineering and manufacturing company like TTX.

“The importance of innovation in the surface finishes industry is fundamental, it is practically what has been making the difference between having an industry stagnant in 50-year-old technologies, to keeping the industry moving, allowing products to be taken to the next level. products that require it,” added the Managing Director of TTX México.

Innovation is a flag many waves, but few practices. For some industrialists, due to the lack of knowledge in technological advances, repeatability is something more commonly preferred to continue and force processes, but ultimately what makes the difference is creating something tailored that allows that company to transform into the next version. themselves.

When walking through the company’s headquarters, you can see a space in which reference is made to each of the different patents that TTX has obtained throughout its history, along the way they proudly talk about the impact and revolution that have meant in the industry, but, mainly, in driving the success of its clients.

TTX-ACC® (Automated Carrier Conveyor), a patented innovation revolutionizing the world of material handling system solutions.

During the tour of the imposing manufacturing facilities, you can observe and distinguish the magnitude of the projects that are underway, several at the same time, highlighting a world-class internal logistics system that is in line with the prestige of attachment to punctual deliveries that distinguishes them.

The highlight of the tour was when we got to see a unique facility in its operation: its own paint line operating with its own TTX-ACC®, allowing us to see first-hand the capabilities and other benefits offered by a material handling system without chain.

The TTX-ACC® is operated by a battery system and motor drive technology which has proven effectiveness in the industry. Because it only uses energy at the point of use, energy consumption is incredibly low, unlike the energy it takes to move a chain of a complete circuit. TTX Patented Innovation

It is truly amazing how silent and fluid it operates, as well as the flexibility it gives to carry out independent loading of different materials, as well as the inputs to the different processes of the system.

The TTX-ACC® is a worldwide patented solution that was developed by a team of TTX engineers for some years, a solution that maintains a constant investment in research and development, strengthening its updating in technology and adaptation to processes in various industries and highly complex products.

“The investment of time, money and effort behind the research and development of solutions of the magnitude of the TTX-ACC®, and other patents, are unique characteristics of companies truly committed to the industries and communities they serve, and in which they perform» commented Robert Rock, to which he added «Our commitment to green technology solutions, industrial safety and operational efficiency are palpable in each of our innovations, which maintain our commitment to being authentic, and that are a reflection of our values as a company.”

Commitment to innovation

Knowing first-hand the facilities where these great ideas that revolutionize the surface finishes industry are generated, designed and developed is a great experience for the editorial team of La Revista del Color Mx.

During this visit we were able to observe TTX’s commitment to innovation, confirm that they are very aware and humble of the leadership position they have achieved, but, at the same time, they do not feel satisfied. Given this, its engineering team is constantly researching the next solutions that continue to revolutionize the world of surface coatings.


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